Multiplication Wizard

Strong multiplication skills are the building blocks for a solid foundation in mathematics. Multiplication skills are used in many concepts such as, division, fractions, and algebra.

These printable multiplication worksheets are designed to help students master one multiplication fact at a time. Multiplication is all about memorizing, and this can be achieved by constant practice. Even ten minutes a day can help improve a child’s multiplication skills. There are many great multiplication games and apps on the internet these days, but sometimes simple basic math drills are needed to enforce good study skills. Mastering multiplication will help a student succeed in mathematics.

Check out the Multiplication Tricks and Activities page for helpful methods to learn multiplication.

Basic Multiplication Facts Worksheets

More worksheets coming soon

Multiplication By 0 Worksheet
Multiplication By 1 Worksheet
Multiplication By 2 Worksheet
Multiplication By 3 Worksheet
Multiplication By 4 Worksheet
Multiplication By 5 Worksheet